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Amiga Cheats Index:
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As soon as you appear on level two (don't move the walker at all), type "EAT LEAD MUDDY FUNSTER".

      Weird Dreams
In the hall of mirrors, walk into the right most mirror as far as you can without actually going through. At this point enter sos in morse code with the 'HELP' key. Sos in morse code is "...---...". 3 stabs of the 'HELP' key, the press it 3 more times at 1 second intervals and 3 more stabs. Your lives counter should be replaced with by an infinity symbol.

What the tarot cards mean, with an explanation: SUN: Arms you with eight-way autofire. STAR: A little star joins you, and fires when you do. DEATH: Gives you an extra life. HANGED MAN: Eats away at your time limit. MOON: The forces of evil hime in on you. WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Gives you energy, or takes it away LION: Shields you from evil forces.

      Willy in the Castle of Dreams
Level Codes : 02--"GLUB" 03-"TRIFF" 04-"FRUIT" 05-"XYZZY" 06-"FLUSH" 07--"HIFI" 08-"FLASH" 09-"XENON" 10--"JOHN" 11-"LENIN" 12-"TURBO" 13-"BOOZE" 14--"ZEFF" 15-"OMEGA" 16-"TBEAR" 17---"AHB" 18-"SHARK" 19-"PUMPY" 20-"DROBB" 21-"KIMMY"

      Wings of Death
Type 'SPELLBINDER' on the mainmenu. If you start the game now, you'll get a requester which lets you choose any level. You'll also be able to select weapons with the function keys.

Pause the game and type "RAINBOWT", now unpause the game. Press 'C' to fill the current cauldron. Pressing 'S' to skips levels and pressing 'T' completes the game.

      Wonder Dog

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