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Amiga Cheats Index:
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      P47 Thunderbolt
On the high score table, enter "ZEBEDEE" for your name. Press 'F1' to skip levels and press 'F2' to renew your lives.

On the map screen type "WHAT A NICE CHEAT", you'll be able to start on any level.

      PGA Tour Golf
Before you tee off on the first hole click the button for the tournament statistics. Look through all of these and then play the game as usual and you'll find that your opponents have dropped quite a few shots. Do this on each hole, and by the end of the game the computer players will be quite a way behind you.

      Pharaohs Curse
Type "SPHINX" to start on level 2 or type "RAIDER" for level 3.

When fighting against unbelievable odds dont panic. Choose the long sword. Keep using the slash-high attack to cause the most dammage. You may get down to only one man left, but you can still defeat the enemy captain. After you win, select send a prize crew so you will have enough people to sail your ship. Don't attack a nation your home country is allied with, it will upset both of them. Don't wed till you've got all your promotions, your oppurtunities will be much better. Make conversation with all the governors daughters, however, they might gather important information for you from the governors mansion.

On the title screen, type "BIGCOUNTRY" and then a level number. EXAMPLE: Type "BIGCOUNTRY45", then press 'F1' (1 player) or 'F2' (2 players). You will start on level 45.

      Popeye II
Level Codes: 2-"SUBURBAN" 3-"SOOTY" 4-"DUCKULA"

Instruct your captain to invent something, pause the game, put the game speed up to full, and wait a couple of minutes. Now unpause the game, the captain will have kept inventing during the pause! When you wish to invent in double quick time, click invent and when your men leave, click on it again. This often makes a catapult almost immediately, but this cheat only works once on each island.

Press 'F10' to restore your energy.

      Predator II
Pause the game and type "YOU'RE ONE UGLY MOTHER". You are now invincible. It may be "YOUR ONE UGLY MOTHER".

      Project X
If you fly into the first end of level baddie when its jaws opens up, avoiding its fire and being careful not to touch it, you will be presented with a version of Space Invaders. Complete one wave and you will be given three extra lives and be thrown back into the fray.

The following code alows you to have free access to all of the other levels of the game: 301 267 676 250 243 717 337 520 412

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