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Amiga Cheats Index:
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      Target Renegade
On the high score table enter your name as "PA...." for infinite lives.

      Team Yankee
On the filling screen pop up a file and instead of entering your name type in `Let me cheat!' (making sure you include the capital and the exclamation mark). Now instead of pressing return, hit the Reset button. The number next to the losses columm will now be 1, and this shows you are in the cheat mode. Now type your name in and you can get into the game as normal. In this cheat mode there are two major facilities. If you press the left [Amiga] key and [W] during a scenario you will automaticly win the battle. And if you go to the map screen screen during the game, and select a desination using the mouse, then pressing the left [Amiga] key followed by the number of the unit you are playing (1,2,3 or 4), that unit will instantly go to the the destination marked. This cheat mode is the same for all three games in the Team Yankee series.

      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
When entering the protection routine type in `8859' and then `1506' before entering in the correct code. Now during the game pressing the [Help] key will toggle invincibility on/off and if you have lost any turtles it will restore them all to full energy.

      Terry's Big Adventure
On the first level go to the right until you come upon three mushrooms in a row (The first mushrooms you will see). Get the first mushroom, jump over the 2nd one and get the 3rd one. Now continue to the right until you reach a section with two special weapon power-ups that are next to two mushrooms (right before the first bridge and there is a cloud above them). Stand in front of the first power-up and pull down to take it. Now jump over the other power-up and the first mushroom. Get the 2nd mushroom. Work your way past the bridge until you come to the next tree in the background and stand in front of the tree. Now push the fire button and push up on the joystick. The screen should flash yellow letting you know it worked. Finally press 'C' for invincibility and press 'N' to advance levels. NOTE: If you die before you activate the cheat you must press 'RETURN' to abort the game and restart. Also, you can pick up all the mushrooms and power-ups between the sections.

Start the game and hold down the FIRE BUTTON, 'ALT', and 'C' for infinite lives. Hold down the fire button, 'ALT', and 'L' to access any level any time (only use one or the other).

From the desktop, insert the game disk. Look for the CHEAT.PRG icon and double-click on it. You can survive collisions by typing cheat during the game.

On the `Rescue Tygra' stage, find the place where bonus' pop up frequently, and keep getting them. If you are careful not to die, you can horde a lot of free men.

      Top Secret
On the high score screen, enter "MOOG" for your name. This will give you invincibility. Also, press 'F10' to advance levels.

      Total Recall
On the high score table, enter "LISTEN TO THE WHALES" for your name. This will give you infinite lives. While your in the taxi, type "JIMMY HENDRIX" for infinite energy. (Solve for Level 1) First, go right, collect the gun, then run to the right and jump over the first lift. Keep running to the next lift, go up three times and walk onto the lift that is waiting when you arrive. Go up, then left and collect the gun. Now go right to the next lift and down once. Go onto the next lift, and go up as far as you can see. Walk right, off the lift and run right to the next lift, picking up the object on the way. Go up on the lift, run right and go down three times on the next one that you come to. Run left, go down on the lift and run left again to collect the object. Run right to the first lift and go up, then go to the next lift and go up twice. Run right and go up on the lift once, then run and jump right. Collect the heart, run right,drop down through the hole and run to the exit.

      Toyota Celica Challenge
When asked to start your car, press 'CTRL' and 'C' to freeze the timer.

Press 'F10' on the selection screen to activate the cheat mode.

Load a saved game, you can now buy $9.999.999 for free.

      Traps and Treasures
On the first title screen, the one before you are asked to insert disk {B}, type "SCAMAGIC". The screen should flash. During play press 'P' for one extra life. During play, type "PKLABAUTERMANNP". The screen will flash to let you know it worked. This will give you one free life. Type this whenever you want another life. You can only have a maximum of nine lives.

Enter sodapop level, but before you hit the fire button push up on the joystick and hold down the 'K' key then press the fire button to begin the level. Release the key only when the level has started. Now press 'ESC' to complete the level.

      Turbo Outrun
After the countdown, type in "WEARPEEPEL". Now to get more turbos press 'D', press 'F' to see the ending, or 'G' to lose a credit. Pause the game, press and push the joystick forwards. You will get 10,000 points extra.

On the high score table, enter "BLUESMOBIL" for you name. Now restart the game and you will get 99 guys.

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