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Amiga Cheats Index:
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      UFO Enemy Unknown
After playing the game for a while and building up your stores save the game. Now quit the game and go into your current save game directory and make a copy of the base.dat file. Now boot the game back up and sell everything you have (if you need money) or transfer stores (not ships or personel) to other bases. Now save the game again and quit. Next replace the base.dat file with a the copy of the original that you made earlier. Now when you go back to the game you'll have all the money from the sales plus all the equipment you sold. And, if you transferred anything those items will arrive shortly. Continue the above procedure as often as you like.

      Ultimate Body Blows CD32
Enter one of the following for your name on the high score table: "MEANTEAM" - Unlimited continues. "HARDCORE" - Invincibility.

      UN Squadron
During play hold down 'LEFT ALT' and press 'F7'. The screen should be flashing. Now press a number from '0' to '9' on the main keyboard to skip to the corresponding level.

      Under Pressure
At any time, type "GRYMALKIN" and use 'F1-F4' to skip levels. Press '1-9' for different weapons.

To get past the ghostly lady, go towards the hall from the stairs, enter the storage closet and take the No-Ghost bottle. Open the bottle and go back to the hall. Operate the bottle on the lady. To get past the dogs, say "INSTANTUM ILLUMINARIS ABRAXAS" to them. You will find a key if you operate the knife on the left chair in the lounge. This key is used to open the cabinet in the master bedroom. In the cathedral, say "SPECAN HEAFOD ABRAXAS" to the plaster head.

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