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Amiga Cheats Index:
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On the disk operations screen, select play a saved game. When you are asked to insert a saved game disk, leave disk two in and press the left mouse button. When the list of saved games appears, click on the first slot. You will now be rewarded with an extra hard opponent.

Break the start-up sequence when the game start loading using 'CTRL' and 'D', then press 'ENTER', type "KROENUNG" and press 'ENTER' again.

      Kick Off
You can always make the other guy miss the shot totally just by holding down the firebutton while he attempts to make a shot, it will be blocked.

      Kick Off II
Keep pressing the 'R' key when you take a penalty, this will show you where the players going to kick the ball. In mid-match press all the function keys from left to right 'F1' to 'F10'. "S12" or "S14" should appear in the top right hand corner. You will now be able to substitute the computer's keeper and the new guy will be completely useless.

      Killing Game Show, The
To see a map of the level your about to start press the 'HELP' key.

      Kingpin Bowling
This cheat requires really fast autofire, but you may be able to emulate it on a joystick/pad by pressing the fire button really quickly. During play, if you line up the man where you want, and then press down the autofire, it will generally throw the ball down the center of the lane. The less force there is, the closer to the center of the lane the ball will be bowled. If you put your man to the far right, and put the speed up to almost full force, you can generally bowl a perfect strike. Its a very useful technique. Also, if you have a single pin left, or a similar situation in your game, then this is an excellent technique to line up the ball. NOTE: This cheat will not guarantee a strike, or spare every time.

Begin play and hold down either 'SHIFT' key and the 'SPACE BAR'. Now press any of the following keys: '1', '2', '3', and '4'. Press '4' to go to the 100th level.

This cheat involves the woodland section on the first level. Use the spade to help you find the five apples. Take these apples and throw them at the quest shield that hangs on the wall, and make each character consume two rabbit pies from the inventory screen. Continue with your quest and you should find that your hit points never decrease.

      Krusty's Superfun House
Enter "ZACHARY" for the password and you will be given infinite lives. You will also be able to go anywhere. (LEVEL CODES) Level 1-"NELSON" Level 2-"PATTIE" Level 2--"MRPLOW" Level 4-"MAGGIE"

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