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Amiga Cheats Index:
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To get the second key, go to the guards on level four. Ignore the levers until you have the guard key from the north passage, the candle and the shuriken (in the pillow). Open the wall above the bed to get the second key.

If you find yourself with light tanks facing up to much heavier opposition on the simulator, use your speed and ram the enemy. Then fully depress your gun and open fire, it only takes a few rounds to obliterate your enemy (easier from side or rear).

      Chaos Engine
Enter all T's, V's, X's, or Y's as the password. This will allow you to enter a shop with lots of money and then you will start on level one.

      Chase HQ
Start the game, then hold the left mouse button, fire button, and type "GROWLER". Press 'T' for more time.

      CJs Elephant Antics
On the title screen, type "ITCHY ARSEHOLES" for infinite energy.

      Comic Relief
On the title screen, press 'HELP', type "GURU", and press 'RETURN'. The screen color should change, letting you know you have infinite lives.

      Continental Circus
At the start of the race when the first red light comes on push and hold the joystick forward. When the second red light comes on release the joystick. As soon as the green light comes on push forward to zoom away.

      Cosmic Pirate
Pause the game with the 'SPACEBAR' and press full stop. A requester will appear, now type "GZAIMASEN" and you should hear a sound letting you know it worked. Once the cheat is in effect you are invicible and if you call the requester and type "GIMMESHIPx" (where x is the mission A-Z). This only works before you enter the sector with the spacetruck.

      Crystal Kingdom Dizzy
Enter these codes into the game genie: LEVEL 2--"G5J73Q8HK" LEVEL 3--"H7T554Y9L" LEVEL 4--"83J5G62KF"

On the title screen, type "RAISTLIN" and then the 'SPACEBAR' for infinite lives. Press 'N' to skip levels. If you define the keys 'Y', 'X', 'E', 'S' (in that order) you'll get infinites.

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