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This privacy notice gives you information on how the Game Coffer processes your personal data. This relates to entering competitions, browsing, downloading, and contacting the Games Coffer via e-mail and other electronic means.

The Games Coffer is a hobbyist website collectedly referred to "I", "Games Coffer", and "GC" within this privacy notice. The Games Coffer is not a business.


Contact information:
This can be in the form of first/last name and e-mail address when the site is contacted. In the event of a competition: Name, address, and e-mail address may be collected. I do not share your information with any other individual or organisation. In the event you no longer wish for this data to be held, please request removal. Person information relating to competition entries (e-mail, name, address information) will be deleted after 60 days.

The Donations page lists all users who have donated to the site and the amount. The name is included with requested permission. Any future or past donators may request for their name to be removed from this list, remain anonymous, or not be included at all.

Technical Data:
Technical data is gathered via third party analytics software. The Games Coffer uses Google Ad sense and server side hosting tools supplied by the hosting company to provide statistics, these are essential to the sites operation. This includes: Number of pages viewed, downloads, visitor numbers, and referring URL's. The information gathered includes: IP address, browser information, screen resolution, operating system, and country of origin.


Occasionally we may link to other websites which may allow other parties to collect data about you. I take no responsibility for external sites, thier content, their privacy policy, or data collected by them.

If you have any concerns relating to your data, please contact me at siteadmin@gamescoffer.co.uk

Document revised: 02/06/2019.

(c) 2008 Mark D. All Rights Reserved.