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Amiga Cheats Index:
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      Magicland Dizzy
Pause the game and type "DIAMONDS AND PEARLS".

      Manchester Utd
If you're losing a game, whilst playing simply press the appropriate key to start a two player game and the other team should freeze letting you win kind of easily.

      Manic Miner
Pause the game with the 'SPACE BAR' and press the '*' on the keypad. Unpause the game and you'll have 9 lives.

      Mcdonalds Land
On the one or two player select screen, type "SPICY BEANBURGER". The guy should then jump up and down. During play, but not on the map screen, press '=' to add guys. Press 'ENTER' on the keypad to get a card. When you get to the bonus room, if you fall down to the exit, then press fire, it will open. While it's open press 'P', and you should be given an other go at the bonus room.

Pause the game and type "PUNISHYOURMACHINE" for infinite credits.

When on level 5, go to the right hand side of the screen, just before you reach the tank, and blast the hedge blocking your way. Keep blasting until it explodes, then you can go past it and into a hidden area containing heaps of pick-ups. There is also a clowns head here. If you pick it up you will be given a weapon that destroys everything on contact.

      Metal Masters
During the battle and things aren't going your way press 'F4' to freeze your opponent.

When you are playing the computer and you land on a property, put it up for auction. Keep clicking the left mouse button and you will get the property for $10 as no other player has a chance to bid against you.

Take a trip to Stonehenge, keep hold of any valuable items and position the pointer at either the word GOLD, STRENGTH, CONSTITUTION, or ENDURANCE and tap the fire button. The druids should continue the ceremony and you will get an extra life without losing any items what so ever. When you enter stonehenge and you have to offer a magical item to DANU, Click on the strength (STR) for an extra live. Do this as often as you like.

      Mortal Kombat
On the screen where you select to start the game or options, type "CATHULU" and the new selection {CHEATMODE} will appear. Enter the cheat menu and type "RJC" and a statistics screen will appear, press 'SPACE' to return to selection menu. On the screen that tells you about {CODES}, type "VAMPIRE" the words will turn white and you should hear a sound. This will turn off the blood (WHY!!).

On the title screen hold down the Right Mouse Button, the Left Mouse Button, the Fire Button and push the Joystick Left for 5 seconds or until the title screen comes back. Select the empty space from the menu to enter the level editor.

Pause the game and type "SNUFFLECAKE" for infinite lives.

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