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Amiga Cheats Index:
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At the logon prompt type one of the following: "00987", "TITLE", "PAM", "COVER", and "WAMI". During play enter one of the following: "RED7", "BLUE1", "WHITE6", and "WHITE50". NOTE: They might have to be lower case like HACKER II.

On the high score table, enter your name as "TAEHC OT TNAW I". Pressing 'F7' during the game to skip levels.

      Hard Drivin
Get the car up to top speed the press 'N' (for nuetral). Now you can drive along at to speed with easy steering and invulnerability.

The four heart pieces are located in the ROOFTOPS, HELL, CUTESEY LAND, and SHEET MUZAK Guide the Harlequin to the jigsaw puzzle section whilst carrying the space hopper. When you fall from the kite, select the space hopper and jump up to the lower of the two platforms above you. Disengage the space hopper and jump across to the other platform, then leap over the low wall. When you land, keep on firing to see where the ground is and move across to the point where you're walking on air. Run left until you cannot go further, jump up and you'll hit an invisible warp. You'll be prompted to insert disk 1, and now you can watch the end sequence.

      Hired Guns
During play, type "AMIGA" for infinite energy and ammo.

On the level access screen, place the lvl mouse pointer in the far bottom right of the green quarter screen. The bottom L must be positioned in the corner with pixel perfect precision (two pixels on the pointer will be hanging over the edge to the right). Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON, then shift the lvl mouse pointer to the very top left of the screen (as far as you can physically ove the mouse to the top left) and click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON again. You should now have access to the first four levels.

      Hudson Hawk
On the title screen, type "SCIENCEFICTION" for infinite everything. Press the 'DEL' key to skip levels.

During play, type "KILLKILLKILL" to activate the cheat mode. Now press 'F' to refuel and the 'RETURN' key to select weapon.

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