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Amiga Cheats Index:
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Hold down 'ALT' and 'S' at any time during play to change the genetic code.

      Enchanted Lands
On the intro screen, type "TCB RULES FOREVER" and the screen will flash. Press 'F3' will allow you to enter an edit. Press 'F2' followed by a space takes you to the end of level guardian.

Press the 'LEFT SHIFT' and slowly type "NEM YDID EHT" and press 'RETURN'. You'll hear a sound. Now 'C' will complete your mission. (LEVEL CODES) "AURIGA" "CEPHEUS" "APUS" "MUSCA" "PYXIS" "CETUS" "FORNAX" "CAELUM" "CORVUS"

Pause the game, then type "JUSTIFIED ANCIENTS OF MU MU" for 99 credits.

      Escape From the Planet of the Robot Monsters
This only works in one player mode. When you reach the reptillion, run past it and stand in the center of the joint of the gates that block your way. When here waggle the joystick left and right and keep dropping bombs. In a few moments you'll go through the doors and appear on the other side.

      Executive Leader Board
Use a 6 iron on the 7th hole for a hole in one every time.

Type '3976' as a levelcode, you will now enter the Mystic Crisis level.

      Extreme Violence
On the title screen, type either 'DUNE', 'TERMINATOR' or 'LAWNMOWER', followed by the 'RETURN' key. The voice will say {Bingo!} if you entered the cheat correctly. Now, start the game and you'll be able to play with a range of automatic power-ups.

      Eye of Horus
After you type in the copy protection and it says to press fire, type "SPAM" instead. The game will start, and you'll have infinite lives and you won't need any of the keys.

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