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Amiga Cheats Index:
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      Ikari Warriors
On the high score table, enter "FREERIDE" for your name, and receive indestructability.

When you press 'T' during play you will get infinite lives. (LEVEL CODES) 11-"GOLD" 31-"WALL" 51-"HEAD" 71-"ROAD" 21-"FISH" 41-"PLUS" 61-"JUMP" 81-"USER"

      Indy Heat
On the equipment select screen (before you enter your initials), press 'P' to pause the game and type "AMANDA". The border should flash to let you know it worked. Now enter your initials and select your driver and as soon as your done you should notice that you now have 9 coins and 900,000 dollars. You can also pause the game during play and type the cheat, and the next time you are at the equipment screen you will be blessed with the coins and cash.

To get into the underground complex, first find a small, upright, rectangular box with two flashing squares on it; thats the computer terminal. Face the flashing squares, hit 'F2' to bring up the computer, and enter the words "KAL SOLAR" to activate it. hit 'F2' again to exit. On your way to the computer, you should have passed a shower like structure. That's the transpoorter.

      Insanity Fight
Hold down both the mouse buttons, the joystick button, and the 'L' key to skip levels.

For extra missions select free flight and then press '6', '7', '8', or '9' to enter the mission.

Type "Fenny" (type exactly as printed), then press the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to cycle through all the objects.

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