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Amiga Cheats Index:
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On the high score table, enter "SUMITA." for infinite lives.

      R-Type II
Pause the game, then hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and 'F1', then release both. The screen will turn green, then press 'P' to unpause the game. You are now invincible.

Typing `RENEGADE' on the high score table will give the ability to change levels by pressing keys [1], [2] and [3].

If you're on the last building and a cloud of dust appears under it punch in any direction and keep your finger on the fire button until the next screen is displayed, where upon you will be able to climb up an invisible building which is in the same place as the last building on the previous screen.

Level Codes: 02---"Level" 06---"Berge" 10--"Schuss" 14-"Jumpman" 03----"Game" 07--"Hoehle" 11---"Laser" 15--"Wasser" 04---"Nebel" 08---"Runde" 12---"Regen" 16---"Super" 05-"Chopper" 09----"Land" 13---"Power" 17--"Schnee" 18--"Zocker"

      Return of the Jedi
On the high score table, enter "DARTH VADER" for your name. Press 'F2' to skip levels.

      Return to Atlantis
If you fail a mission (ie. the mission is terminated and you have not recieved a "reward" screen) DO NOT return to base or you will lose all the health points spent on the current assignment. Re-boot your computer and play the assignment again, so you will be able to keep those precious experience points each time you re-play the assignment.

      Rick Dangerous
On the high score table, enter "POOKY". You can now start on the last level you were on (provided you made it past the first level).

      Rick Dangerous II
Enter "POOKY" on the high score table for your name. Now restart the game and on the level select screen you can select to play the short or the long game. Use the joystick to select.


Pause the game and type "BEST KEPT SECRET". The border should flash and you are now invincible. Pause the game and hold down the SHIFT key. Type "ALEX MURPHY" and you can now recharge your energy by holding down the left mouse button.

      Rockstar Ate My Hamster
Type "COLBOPS" and press 'F7' for an extra 100,000 pounds. Press 'F8' to make the band play at there best and press 'F9' to draw the biggest audience.

Pause the game and press the 'HELP' key five times. Now unpause the game(a tiny heart should appear on the status screen). This will give you infinite lives.

      Rolling Thunder
On the title screen, the one with the green dude talking, type "JIMBBBY" for infinite energy. Press 'I' to skip levels.

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