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Amiga Cheats Index:
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To replenish your ammo supply simply press [Ctrl], [Alt] and [R] all at the same time.

If your ammo runs low, press 'CTRL' and 'X' during the game and watch the extra 500 rounds and 9 sidewinders clock up on the instruments. It maybe 'CTRL', 'L SHIFT', and 'X'. For a perfect landing, hold the 'HELP' key down about 10 to 20 feet above the runway. If you get badly hit, don't bail out, instead swing round and head for home. Press 'HELP' and the '+' on the keypad and keep them depressed. The F16 will stay level and drop down. Switch to tracking mode and rotate to side view. Just before touch down, pitch up the nose and the plane will touch down successfully every time. Select "end mission" and you will be rescued even if you are in enemy territory.

      Fantasy World Dizzy
On the high score table enter your name as "IMMORTAL", for invincibility. On the high score table enter your name as "FLOATING" and during play hold down 'RETURN' and use the joystick to move dizzy around the screen.

      Fighter Bomber
Enter "448944895554" for the pilots name. This should give you access to all of the missions. Press the 'D' key to go to the next target. If this doesn't work try one of the following: "KYLIE", "SO WHAT IF I DO", or "BUCKAROO". Enter "VERSION" to see what version.

      Final Mission
While the game is loading hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and 'T' until the game has totally loaded. This will give you infinite lives. (STAR COLLECTION)

      Fire and Ice
Type "COOL" and press 'RETURN' for infinites. Press the L MOUSE BUTTON on the title screen for infinite lives.

      Fly Harder CD32
(LEVEL CODES) 2-"PHO" 3-"MET" 4-"BLA" 5-"SUP" 6-"TRA" 7-"QUA" 8-"NEO" These next two are just guesses (the level codes for the CD?? are the same as the first three letters of the A500 version, so the cheats may also work): Try entering "MEC" for your password for infinite lives. Try entering "BIG" for your password to see the ending.

      Forgotten Worlds
On the title screen, type "ARC" and press the 'HELP' key. Press 'S' for the next shop and press 'N' for next level (2 players only).

      Formula One Grand Prix
Go to the pits, escape from the game and go to accelerate time. This should now finish the grand prix in pole position. It might be that you have to do this on the last lap. Slip into the pits after your first lap and then simultaneously hold down the keys that make up the word "PALIR" and press the fire button. Not only will you be unable to crash but the game will not react as though you have pressed 'F4'. Race a non-championship race and keep driving untill the last lap. Then enter the pits and drive to your pit-crew. Wait for the message "Race over". This way you will always win the race.

      Fruit Salad
Enter "FRUIT" for your name on the high score table. A screen should appear to let you telling you the cheat is activated. This will give you 50 lives and let you advance levels by pushing the left mouse button.

On a really hard level, wait for ages until your time runs out. A swarm of bees will now fly at you. shoot as many of them as you can. It does not matter whether you die. After losing a life, the bees disappear, as have the baddies. You are then free to complete the level with no foes.

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