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Wonderboy Review
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 Name: [ Wonderboy ] Author: [ Activision ] Date: [ 1986 ]
 Publisher: [ SEGA ] No. Of Players: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 82% ]

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Wonderboy's Girlfriend has been captured by the evil King. It is you job to adventure through various lands (several to be exact) in order to try and rescue your beloved one.

I first saw this game on an arcade machine back in the early 90's when I was on a school trip to the Netherlands. It just so happened to be that the girl I fancied at the time was playing it, so I bought it for my Commodore 64.

The Game..
OK, so now is your chance to go and rescue your girlfriend, but it's a long road ahead. Wonderboy is a platform game, you start out with your half naked self and have to beat your way through various monsters and other nasty things.

When you start the game the first thing you will come across is a few angry wild animals. The animals you will come across are bees, snakes, boulders, fires and even a few natives. As you walk along you can just try and by-pass these bad guys by just avoiding them or picking up various "weapons" to kill them. You're probably asking yourself "where do you get weapons from?". Well, during your adventure you will come across some eggs scattered here and there - these will contain weapons and a few other goodies such as hammers to throw and a…err… skateboard to speed your movement up (although I'm know sure what a skateboard is doing in an egg, in the middle of the jungle).

As you participate in your adventure, you will be up against the clock. This is the multi-coloured bar at the top of the screen which happens to tick down. You can give yourself some additional time by collection various pieces of fruit and veg that the monsters drop. Now and then you will see a doll appear with a heart below it - this gives you an additional bonus when you complete the level.

During some stages of the game you will have some awkward ledges to jump, not to mention moving clouds and such, so you have to time your jumps well. This isn't helped by the fact there are monsters blocking the way sometimes.

I like Wonderboy, the graphics are nice and colourful and the music "fits" the mood of the game. It's very fast paced and pretty addictive as you battle through the various levels. Definitely one to add to the collection.