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Wings Review
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 Name: [ Wings ] Author: [ Robert Jacob ] Date: [ 1990 ]
 Publisher: [ Cinemaware ] No. Of Disks: [ 2 ] Rating: [ 89% ]

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On December 17th, 1903 the Wright Brothers were successful in testing their first powered flight. This would introduce significant changes to the world, including that in the theatre of war.

World war one began June 28th, 1914 which saw the use of aircraft, originally used for observation. Later on in time, they were equipped with machine guns and bombs for the first time in a war.

In Wings, you take part in the British RAF (Royal Air Force).

The Game..
Tally Ho Chaps! War is upon us and firstly you must earn your wings, before you can join a squadron and get to fight the bad guys. To earn your wings you must take part in a training exercise. The training exercise can vary, you will either have to shoot down air-balloons, bomb certain targets, or use your machine guns to take out various targets on the ground.

You play the game in many different views. Mostly for the Dog fighting you will be “inside” the plane, the view being slightly behind your head as shown in the screenshots above. In other campaigns it will be a birds eye view, and others a side-on outside view of you flying the aircraft.

Once you have acquired your Wings after successfully completing the missions, you can then join a squadron. This is where the fun comes into it. You will be assigned to various teams to do different tasks, although some are solo. This could be patrolling for enemy aircraft, shooing down air-balloons, taking out of convoy of vehicles and troops and dealing with incoming threats. All of the missions you complete and all the kills you get will be logged and your performance will be on a chart compared with other ace pilots.

As mentioned before, there are different scenarios. Dog fighting takes place in a 3D arena. If you are on patrol and encounter enemy aircraft, they are going to be on your tail all the time, so you cant fly around in a straight line! You plane can take a few hits, this is indicated by the bullet holes that appear on the wings and elsewhere. You, yourself can get shot in the plane, and its game over, there is also Anti-Aircraft fire in some places! If your plane takes too much damage, obviously it will go down and its in the lap of the gods if you survive or not. If you die then you will have to start over. Another annoying problem is that you gun or guns can jam, so basically you will have to fly around enjoying the scenery until they un-jam. Remember, in those days they had no parachutes!

Another situation you will find yourself in is strafing ground units. This is basically a side-on outside view of you flying a long a road. On the road you will find tanks, oil trucks, tents, barrels, enemy drops and AA fire. As an example, your mission might be to take out as many enemy troops as you can, or as many tents as you can. You will have to avoid medical convoys and the various bullets and AA fire that will be coming towards you.

Some times you will also be required to do bombing runs, hitting selected targets. This will be presented with a birds eye view camera, with you looking down at the targets on the floor, such as buildings etc. Hitting the targets requires you to time your bomb drop to perfection.

I loved this game when it came out, and did complete it. It is very challenging, and the way the game is set out, makes you feel you are part of something! With each stage of the game you complete, your character writes in his diary, presenting a personal story to each part of the game. You will always push that bit harder to try and get as many kills as you can to get up the ranking table and this is very challenging. The graphics are very well done, the sound effects and music are also of the same good quality. Definitely a classic!