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Treasure Island Dizzy Review
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 Name: [ Treasure Island Dizzy ] Author: [ Unknown ] Date: [ 1991 ]
 Publisher: [ Codemasters ] No. Of Disks: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 81% ]

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To put the story simply: Dizzy was made to walk the plank, he then managed to survive the cold shark infested waters to find himself on an island. To get off of this island, he must come up with some kind of way to get a boat from the owner.

The Game..
As you may or not know, this is the second dizzy in the collection. The difference in this one over the last is that you can pick up more objects at once than in Dizzy (the first one's name). Another difference in this edition is that you have music playing whilst you play the game, unlike the last which made the odd noise as you pick things up and dropped them.

You have no energy bar in this nor do you have loads of lives. You have one life and with this one life you have to avoid nasty sea creatures such as jelly fish, crabs, electric fish and many other nasty things (not to mention traps) throughout the entire game. If you get killed five minutes before the end, well, tough sh*t :).

Now, those of you that have played Treasure Island dizzy on the C64 will notice a hell of a load of difference in this. First of all, the Amiga version has had some bee's added to it. The Bees if you hit them will produce some horrible affects such as make you walk backwards for a limited amount of time. Another difference between the C64 and the Amiga version is the addition/removal of objects (no toothpaste in the Amiga version but then no Magic Stone in the C64 version; well not in the same place anyway). All these changes are interesting, I can only think that Codemasters have done it to make sure that people have some new things to ponder about in the Amiga version (therefore hoping they will buy it again even though they have the C64 version).

Let's start with the bad: As you know, you get one life. I was playing the game for around an hour and died because some fish got this arse in the way and believe me, I was not happy. Anyway, other than that, I found the game fine, the music which plays all the way through doesn't really get on your nerves and the game keeps you thinking. Personally I prefer the C64 version, the graphics are obviously nothing like the Amigas but the gameplay is better (I think anyway).