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Tetris Pro Review
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 Name: [ Tetris Pro ] Author: [ 2000AD ] Date: [ 1993 ]
 Publisher: [ 2000AD ] No. Of Disks: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 90% ]

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You may be thinking "Oh not another Tetris clone". Well, its Tetris alright except Tetris Pro includes a whole host of new additions. The team behind this game have certainly had their heads down planning this one out.

The Game..
Well, if you have never played the original game Tetris before then I don't know what planet you've been on for God knows how many years. But, for the benefit of people that don't know about tetris; the aim of the game is to 'make lines', this is done by piecing together blocks that come from the top of the screen.

In Tetris Pro however, they have added a nice twist; every line you create will make a little bit of a picture in the background appears. Once you have built enough lines and the picture is fully complete then you complete the level. Ah! easy I heard you say - not quite. In Tetris Pro you have to contend with good and bad 'blocks'. There are various blocks that you will encounter and if you complete a line with one, then the 'block' will do it's stuff. Some that come to mind are money, bomb, upside down blocks and a few others. The money blocks give you points, the bomb blocks are extremely useful as they will blow up a filled screen and make you some lines. Finally, the upside down block will turn the entire screen upside down and put you off.

As you progress through the various levels, you will start with blocks that are already there, this is to try and distract you. Also, later on, you will need to complete at least two lines to make a part of the picture, and obviously as you progress, three lines etc etc..

Well, I think this game is one of the best Tetris games released. The authors got this spot on and thought up some very nice ideas. The music is very nice, so are the sound effects.. The graphics are 'clean' and the gameplay is so addictive, although a little hard and frustrating at times. Only thing I can really put against it is that the controls are slighty too sensitive for me, but thats about it. Great game!