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Tennis Champs Review
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 Name: [ Tennis Champs ] Author: [ Mental Software ] Date: [ 1995 ]
 Publisher: [ Amiga Power ] No. Of Disks: [ 2 ] Rating: [ 90% ]

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Now this game has a funny history. One day at Amiga Power the day started as normal, the postman came and delivered the mail as per usual and in that collection of mail was a small brown package. A bomb? No - 2 disks. Ok so the AP team booted up the disks and to their surprise was a very nice looking tennis game made by an unknown company called Mental Software.

An hour or so after playing the game, they were amazed at the pure quality of it. Someone had sent them this game for free, it wasn't a demo and it could beat most of the top tennis games with ease. So, Amiga Power released it on the Mag's coverdisk.

The Game..
This game is filled with loads of different options. You can setup: Tournaments, Exhibitions, and Single games, you can also choose from around 8 different people to play as. If you don't like Grass courts, you can choose from Indoor or Clay surfaces, it's rich with features.

Ok, so you have chosen the type of game you want and the person you are going to play as, now it's time to play. Once you start playing this game, you won't stop - it's that addictive. Executing serves and other moves requires a little skill. If you are serving from the bottom-left of the screen, you will need to press fire then aim by pushing your controller to top-left and then press fire again to serve, it might take you a few goes to get it right.

I must stress that this game is super fun with 2 players but if you want to play on your own or have no friends :) then the computer will present a stiff test. The AI is very good in this game, they will lob you, have you running back and forth constantly and they also have some clever little tricks ready to throw at you. Don't worry though, they make mistakes just like us humans. Sometimes they hit the net or produce a fault when serving.

A top tennis game that beats alot of the commercial titles, Infact there was a commercial version of this product released that had some extras in it. This game will keep you going for ages, infact I don't think you will ever stop playing it. I'm not a fan of the real Tennis but this game is one of my top picks. The AI is great, the graphics are nice and the general "feel" of the game is good.