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Take Em Out Review
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 Name: [ Take Em Out ] Author: [ Saicon Software ] Date: [ ???? ]
 Publisher: [ Saicon Software ] No. Of Disks: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 94% ]

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You take part as Cadet Murphy, who is a special forces operative. Your mission is to go it alone and take out various terrorists and at the same time free hostages. You have a selection of weapons to choose from in your missions.

The Game..
This game is similar to that of Operation Wolf. Basically, you control a cursor which is your target and you have to shoot various badies that appear on the screen. The game starts of with a qualification mission which you have to pass or you do not proceed on to the next level. The qualification part is quite hard, if you miss say 3 targets from the whole qualification period, chances are you are going to fail! Once you have passed the qualification, you then go into the "real" missions. To start the mission you are given the choice of weapon, these are: Machine gun, Bazooka, Grenades or a rifle - you can choose any two of these.

Once the level starts you are presented with a screen, the first level for example is of a few buildings. In the windows of these buildings will appear enemy soldiers which you have to shoot before they shoot you. If you get too many appear at the same time, its wise to use a grenade. You have to be aware because some of the people that appear are hostages and if you shoot them you lose life/points. As the level's progress you will need to go through more training or qualification, one particular training mission is clay pigeon shooting which is alot harder than the first training mission.

Take Em Out requires a little thinking and a lot of reaction. Naturally, as you progress through the levels, the more enemy activity becomes increased.

One of my personal favourites. Found it quite hard at first, but did eventually complete it. The qualification can be slighty frustrating sometimes but generally I enjoyed the game. The graphics are nothing amazing but do the job, the gameplay is addictive and the sound/music is spot on.