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Sensible World of Soccer Review
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 Name: [ Sensible World of Soccer ] Author: [ Sensible Software ] Date: [ 1991 ]
 Publisher: [ Renegade ] No. Of Disks: [ 2 ] Rating: [ 94% ]

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Sensible World of Soccer is a player-managment game. The first in it's series was 'Sensible Soccer', a more simplistic version of Sensible World of Soccer.

The Game..
Now, where do I start. Well, Sensible World Of Soccer is a football game, we have established that one! There are a few differences between this version and its previous versions (Sensible Soccer). The first is that it's a lot harder to score, I remember putting 35 goals past the computer player in that game! Secondly, the managment side of it is more indepth and obviously, the teams have been updated! There are many aspects to this game, you can play 'quick-start' games (say a friendly or cup) in real-time from a selection of hundreds of upon hundreds of teams or you can start a career which will let you choose a team, manage them and take them to the very top. As a manager you have the choice to just manage the stats or manage and actually play the games yourself. I choose Fulham who happened to be in the English Divsion 3, I got them into Division 1 and into the European Cup. The more cups you win, the more money you get, the more money you get the better players you can buy! If you happen to do extremely crap and get relegated, then chances are the board of directors are going to sack you! Win lots of cups and money and you will get job offers from bigger clubs or even International team managment.

The graphics are quite simplistic, they probably took the graphics artists about 15 minutes to draw if im being honest. What they have done instead of spend all their time on graphics is spend it on developing the technical side of the game. The game stats are amazing and so is the managment side of it, so there is no lack of depth. The playing side of it is simple, pass the ball a few times and bang it into the net. There are no special tricks or anything like that, ofcourse you can header it but no over-head kicks or any fancy stuff. Scoring is quite difficult, generally you have to aim the ball at a certain angle towards the goal. another thing is that the ball does not 'stick' to you, so controlling it can be hard and might require a little practise. Nevertheless, you can score some cracking goals.

There is ONE thing I would say about it, it could have been improved so much! medics on the pitch, more crowd chants etc etc. Another thing is, and I dont know if anyone else had the same problem. In the latest version of SWOS (the one I reviewed and owned back in the day) the computer players never got a red card!? quite silly as previous versions, they did. Nevermind, still one of the greatest games ever made!