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Spikey In Transylvania Review
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 Name: [ Spikey In Transylvania ] Author: [ Genesis Development ] Date: [ 1991 ]
 Publisher: [ Codemasters ] No. Of Players: [ 1-4 ] Rating: [ 88% ]

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Your adventure begins as Spikey. A Viking and his mates washed a shore from his Viking longboat due to rough seas while crossing the North sea. After finding what appears to be a quiet and peaceful village named Transylvania, you find it isn't so quiet after all. In this so village is a very big castle full of very unwelcoming tenants. It also happens to be where you friends have been taken prisoner.

The Game..
As Spikey, you start off in the village, and your mission is to free you friends by obtaining keys and freeing your friends from the various jails situated in the castle. You have an energy bar located at the top of the screen and six “slots” to carry various items you will pickup along the way.

The game is very much, the same concept as the Dizzy games (typically Codemasters at the time). If you have never played the Dizzy games, well basically they are a side-scrolling platform game in which you have to solve various puzzles by collecting items which you then have to give to various people or to unlock certain parts of the game.

As you start off in the village you will come across various people who will help you out providing you help them out. You can enter various houses on your exploration in which you may find items that will help you. It's not as easy as that though. As always, there are going to be things in the way. Throughout the village is a rat infestation and if one comes up to you, or you walk into one then its going to take away some of that health. Located throughout the village is various pieces of food like chicken and apples. The chickens will regain your health, as where the apples seem to be bad and will take away some health.

Once you have given the guard what he wants and have entered the Castle in Transylvania, you will find even more things in your way. The castle is full of bats, ghosts, spikes and larva. This is where your friends are, so you have to get past the guards and bad guys and release your friends. You will find some people in the castle who will give you a helping hand.

Spikey in Transylvania contains some pretty cool graphics and music. The game had me hooked, this is probably because it had a certain “Dizzy” feel to it, and I like the Dizzy games. It is an adventure game with a slight puzzle aspect to it.

There is one downside to it that I found extremely annoying. The various monsters in the game seem to be every where, the slightest touch from them will decrease your health. You could be trying to dodge one and all of a sudden it will run into you and take your health away. You could be entering a door, and as you come out in the other room, there will be a rat right in front of it and you will lose life and there is nothing you can do about it. You might think this is ok because of the food situated around the village to get your health back, but there simply isn't enough of it. This can be very frustrating.