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Dizzy: Spellbound Review
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 Name: [ Spellbound Dizzy ] Author: [ Optimus ] Date: [ 1992 ]
 Publisher: [ Codemasters ] No. Of Players: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 75% ]

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Once fine day, Dizzy visited his fine friend Theo the Wizard. Theo isn’t known for putting things away, including important spell books that contain quite potent spells. So, it just so happen to be that Theo left quite a significant spell book out, containing a spell called “A really, really powerful spell (That shouldn’t be read out loud)” Of course, Dizzy didn’t really know this, so therefore he read the spell and boom! All of the Yolkfolk clan have now been sent to the depths of the underground. It is Dizzy’s job (as always) to sort this out and get them back home!

The Game..
You start off with three lives and an energy bar. Your mission is to assemble some ingredients together for the Wizard Theo to make a potion in order to undo the spell. Throughout the game you will find various characters that you must assist. There are many bad things in your way though such as killer bees, fish, crabs, and various other monsters. There is also a vast puzzle element to the game which at times can be quite tricky. One annoying thing that is sometimes you have to simple sacrifice ones self to establish how you get past a certain part of the game.

Pretty much like the other Dizzy games, you will find yourself walking around quite a bit. The main object of the game is to free your family folk but you can also collect Stars which are somewhat needed and fruit which will give you energy. Many things will make you lose energy such as hitting a flame, being hit by a bee and drowning is always one to avoid!

I did enjoy Spellbound Dizzy, although I must admit, this is probably the hardest one I have ever played in terms of the puzzle element – some are quite challenging which I like. The graphics are what you expect, cartoony and cute; the music overtime becomes somewhat annoying. I often found myself being unintentionally flung into the odd flame too which was no fault of my own (small bugs). Overall though, its definitely worth a shot!