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Space Taxi Review
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 Name: [ Space Taxi ] Author: [ John F. Kutcher ] Date: [ 1984 ]
 Publisher: [ Muse Software ] No. Of Players: [ 1-4 ] Rating: [ 88% ]

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Space Taxi is exactly what it says on the tin. Your in space and your drive a taxi, I'm, not sure how must more I could start an introduction to this game - The title says it all.

The Game..
As you start the game, you will be in your little jet powered Taxi. Situated throughout the level you will see little people appear shouting “Hey taxi”. You must then go to where they are, land safely (without squashing them) and pick them up. In each level there will be a series of stops, generally labelled 1 to whatever number. Once you pick your customer up he/she will say something along the lines of “Number 2 please”. Once the customer has stated his destination, you must fly them there as quick as possible without crashing. The quicker you deliver the passenger, the more pay (or tip) you will get.

Sounds easy huh? Well not quite, as each level progresses, the more the trickier it becomes to get around. For example, there will be ledges which will be pretty close to each other, so you have to manoeuvre your best to get through them. Another problem they you have is fuel, now and again you will have to stop off at the pumps to refuel yourself.

It requires a little bit of skill to get around in your taxi. You can speed along to your customers but it take a little time to stop, so in some cases you might overshoot and land up hitting the wall. Once you have got to the ledge, you then have to lower your landing gear and land gently and again when you have reached the customers destination, otherwise they will moan and that means less $$$.

Space Taxi is pretty addictive, the graphics are very simple, there isn't much in way of music and the use of digitised voice is pretty neat for its day. The only problem with the digitised voice is that it can be a little hard to understand sometimes. However, this is not so much of a problem because the request is stated in text at the bottom of the screen. All in all, one of the good, and pretty much original games of its day.