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Sex Olympics Review
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 Name: [ Sex Olympics ] Author: [ Free Spirit ] Date: [ 1991 ]
 Publisher: [ Free Spirit ] No. Of Disks: [ 2 ] Rating: [ 76% ]

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I would like to introduce Brad Stallion and Dr. Dildo! Both of which go head to head in a race to errmm...... sleep with as many women as they can! The one who gets the most wins the game!

The Game..
You take part as Brad Stallion, your mission is use your charm and shag various women situated on different planets around the solo system. Each woman presents a different "challenge" and time is short, especially with Doctor Dildo hot on your tail! You start off naked in your room, your girlfriend Sandy seems to have disappeared. Grab your clothes (and put them on ofcourse) and head to your space shuttle, situated outside your house. Once you are in your space shuttle, power up and head off to one of the many planets located on your map.

So, lets take a trip to a nearby planet, ohh look there is a very lovely looking girl working in a library, she looks kind of hard to crack on to! Well its your mission to find out what she wants/what she likes so you can have your evil way with her! During your visits you will encounter various obstacles that will try and get in the way of you completing your mission, such as crazy talking frogs and lesbian women with psychopathic dogs! Remember to be wearing your clothes all the time (apart from the obvious) otherwise the space police will swoop onto you, arrest you and take you back home, therefore delaying your mission! And try to stay away from the sheep (I say no more!).

This game was obviously created for a laugh, I found it extremely funny.... Some of the planets are quite large and you can get lost, so make sure you remember you way back to the shuttle! The graphics are simple, yet effective, the sound effects are funny, the odd "ooohh brad" comes in now and then if you get you way (hehe).. All in all, a fun game, made for giggles, its worth a good rating for the pure humour of it!