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Settlers, The Review
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 Name: [ Settlers, The ] Author: [ Bluebyte ] Date: [ 1993 ]
 Publisher: [ Bluebyte ] No. Of Disks: [ 3 ] Rating: [ 90% ]

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New lands bring many settlers. These settlers must build and achieve a working society and farm the new land of its riches. Yes, you guessed it, for those of you that didn't know, The Settlers is a strategy game!

The Game..
The aim of the game is simple, create a working colony and conquer all that come in your path. The game starts of with the option of placing your castle in good place which is near an area with a good amount of resources (ie mountains, rocks and tree's). Once you have found your location you place your main castle, this is pretty much your "capital", it holds all of your peoples and resources. Obviously the resources you start with arent going to last forever, so your job is to gather more from the land. Included in the game are: farmers, tree cutters, sawmillers, fishmerman, miners, knights, bakers and many more. Obviously the tree planters, tree cutters and sawmills work together to create bulding wood which is then used to create buildings. Then you have your food "creators" such as farmers, fisherman and bakers who keep the miners happy. If the miners do not receive their food then they will strike and therefore not produce gold, iron or coal - materials essential to your colony.

One aspect of your colony is the military, without your knights your land is bound to be invaded by other non-friendly colonies. Your knights strength is determined by how much gold you have, each knight starts off as a "rookie", the more gold you pay him, the stronger he gets! There are many different kind of buildings the knights can be located in, he can have a plain and simple "house" or for extra protection you can build forts which will hold many knights.

The game includes many 'micro managment' options, you can pretty much run every single aspect of your colony. For example, you can set how many people you want to become knights, how many swords, sheilds or tools you want build and much more. You can also view various game stats within the game including how your opponent is doing. There are many different aspects of gameplay in the game if you have two players. You can go against each other or you can team up against the computer players.

An extremely excellent game which will keep you in you seat for hours. The music and sound is great and the graphics are clear and "cute". It's great to sit there and look at your working colony in action, watch the little fisherman take his fish to the hut, another person take it to the miners.