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Roadkill Review
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 Name: [ Roadkill ] Author: [ Vision ] Date: [ 1995 ]
 Publisher: [ Acid Software ] No. Of Disks: [ 3 ] Rating: [ 88% ]

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Welcome to the future of racing. Choose your car, strap yourself in and get ready to drive to the death and get as much Roadkill as you can.

The Game..
Roadkill is a top-down view, futuristic car racing game with a difference. The aim of the game is primarily to race and to take out your opponents using whatever means possible. You can barge them off the road into various “spikes” situated on the walls of the tracks, or you can use various weapons that you will pick up during the way, such as various types of missiles. You have a choice of six cars to choose from at the start, they are: Cannon, Slam, Inferno, Hammer, Demolition and Cyclone.

You car only has so much worth of armour, so you will have to be careful. Things like opponent cars barging you, hitting the wall and obviously getting hit by missiles will strip you of your armour. You can pick up armour repair power-ups, and also you can pit in to get repaired.

The tracks you race on are sometimes your enemy too. There are various spikes situated around the tracks, a long with very tight turns. You will also find ramps which generally come supplied with power-ups, however if you jump on the ramp, and don't land correctly, you can find yourself driving straight into a load of spikes. The roads are generally labelled with arrows, so you know when to take a turn.

Naturally as the levels progress, both the tracks and opponents get tougher. You will face tighter turns, more and more spikes, and even mines! Oh yes, everything is against you in this one. If you destroy enemy cars, you will be presented with various cash bonuses. If you destroy so many cars in a chain then you will get 'Jackpot bonuses' which means lots of money. At the end of each level, you will be presented with the stats of how much money you have earned and also the bonuses you have gained.

You will come across various power-ups which you will find on the tracks. These power-ups will include missiles, both normal and homing. With the normal missiles, you will have to line up directly behind the car and fire at the right time. Other power-ups include armour upgrades, missile deflectors and more.

Roadkill is a pretty good atmospheric racing game that really captures you. The sound effects are pretty cool, voiceovers such as “Showtime”, “Seek and Destroy” make you feel like you are in a game show. The graphics are pretty nice too and the game is addictive!