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Rick Dangerous Review
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 Name: [ Rick Dangerous ] Author: [ Core ] Date: [ 1989 ]
 Publisher: [ Firebird ] No. Of Disks: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 79% ]

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Rick Dangerous has crashed landed his plane whilst flying over the Amazon in-search of the lost Coolu tribe. It's just his luck that he has landed in the middle of a bunch of insane Coolu tribe members! It's Rick's job to try and escape this nightmate in the amazon! Isn't it Amazonians that eat you?

The Game..
Rick Dangerous has a strong "Indiana Jones" theme to it. You take part as Rick Dangerous (nah, you dont say?), your mission is to escape various traps, angry amazonians and many other nasty creatures. To do this you have brought a set of tools with you, these happened to have survived in the plane crash! You have with you a gun and some dynamite. Use the gun to shoot the mad Coolu trible people and other blood hungary animals you may encounter. The dynamite is useful for blowing your way through various walls obstructing your path. On your mission you will find various artifacts which you will need to collect, these bump up your scoring points.

The levels in Rick Dangerous are full of traps. You will encounter loose boulders, arrow firing statues, spikes and more, so always been on the look out!

The graphics are nice and the music is very "gripping". The one thing about Rick Dangerous which I found annoying is that, its about trial and error.. When you jump off a ledge you have no idea if there are spikes or a trap below it until you actually land on them and die! So its a case of memorising certain parts of the level! Other than that, the game is fun to play and somewhat addictive.