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Phuk The World Review
(c)2009 Games Coffer

 Name: [ Phuk The World ] Author: [ Urban Hardcore ] Date: [ 1994 ]
 Publisher: [ N/A ] No. Of Disks: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 85% ]

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As you will see when you start playing this game, it is very much based on the famous Dizzy game inwhich you go around collecting things and helping others out. The difference in this game is that the theme is based on Sex, it's kind of like a cross between the commercial games Dizzy and Sex Olympics.

The Game..
Basically you take part as a penis who walks on his bollocks. Your task is to help various people in the game that have had weird things happen to them. Some that come to mind are a prositute who needs some fags, a man with his hand stuck in his zipper and a guy trapped in a dustbin. Ok, I know what you're thinking - Dont ask! It's not for people that find this kind of stuff offensive.

As you save the various people in the game, a little indicator will show you how much of the game you have completed. Also, a small picture of a penis indicates the amount of energy that you have. Everytime you get hit by an enemy, a chunk on the picture will vanish.

Now this game does have some minor bugs in it, two come to mind. The first one is that some of the image mapping is slightly off so you might jump and find that you are standing in mid-air. The other happens when if you die and you are carrying something, you will restart as usual but you start with the object you died with. So that when you walk back to the area where you collected that item, you will find it there again so you will have two of the same thing.

All in all a good game despite the odd flaw here and there but they don't really affect gameplay. The music is also very catchy whilst playing the game and the graphics are nice. If you like Dizzy, you'll like this.