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Monkey Catcher Review
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 Name: [ Monkey Catcher ] Author: [ A. Scholl ] Date: [ 1992 ]
 Publisher: [ Unknown ] No. Of Disks: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 89% ]

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Oh no! All of your little monkey friends have escaped from you. Your job using various methods is to try and catch them and put them back where they belong. Becareful though, many surprises await you so be prepared.

The Game..
To aid you in your quest to capture the stray monkeys, you are provided with many different traps and tools. To capture the monkey you will need to tempt him with a nice bowl of food. Once he is eating away at this, bash him on the head with your club and then swipe him with your net. Once you have got him in your net, you will need to return him to his cage. On some levels you will need to catch more than one monkey and they play tricks on you aswell. For example: They will drop banana skins to try and make you slip over, if you are carrying a monkey in your net and slip on a banana skin or fall, the monkey in the bag will escape.

On some levels you will also need to capture 'mummy monkey' aswell, watch out though, if you get it wrong she'll pound you head into the ground, it's best to sneek up when she isn't looking.

The music is very nice and the sound effects are good, the graphics are nice and fit the game well. The controls are very simple aswell, use firebutton 2 to select the trap and then fire and down to drop it. You will need to find and collect the trap first though, thats one thing you don't start with.

A very nice game, very addictive and very well done, I can't think of any bugs or glitches in the game. All in all, nice and fun and worth a download.