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Magicland Dizzy Review
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 Name: [ Magicland Dizzy ] Author: [ Derek Gilchrist ] Date: [ ???? ]
 Publisher: [ Codemasters ] No. Of Disks: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 90% ]

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Zak the evil wizard has taken all your friends and family and has cast spells on them. Dora is now a frog, Densil is now stuck in a bush, Dozy is fast asleep and all hell has broken out basically. Your mission of course is to free your friends and destroy the evil wizard Zak and his scum. While on your mission you will also meet new friends who will offer you some help at a price.

The Game..
As mentioned above, your mission is to free your friends by collecting various objects that you will find in the game, sometimes they are hidden. You can carry up to three objects at once which can be a bit frustrating because sometimes you have to dump things in order to pick new things up, so you find yourself running around abit.

In this version of dizzy you have a health bar unlike some of the previous versions inwhich you die instantly. The type of things that will 'hack away' at your health are fires, trolls kicking you and a few other things. If you fall in the water your dead instantly.

The graphics are very nice and colourful, so is the animation. The music is also very good and catchy - It's what you would expect from a title by Codemasters. I didn't come across any kind of bugs or faults in the game, alot of work and thought has gone into it.

I did complete this game on the C64 as a kid - It's not to hard. It's basically a case of working out what to give people and then finding that object. Adults will find this very simple to complete, I'd say that it's really aimed at 9-12 year olds.

A very fun game that will getting you playing for hours. I can't think of anything negative about it apart from the fact that you could be two hours playing it, need to do one more thing and then do something dumb like die by getting your jump wrong and failing in water :). At the time, it cost me all of my 3.99 and was worth every penny.