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Midnight Resistance Review
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 Name: [ Midnight Resistance ] Author: [ Special FX ] Date: [ 1984 ]
 Publisher: [ Ocean ] No. Of Players: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 88% ]

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A ruthless Commissar, leader of a vicious regime has kidnapped your grandfather who is a weapons scientist along with the rest of your family. Your mission is to rescue your Grandfather before the evil Commissar forces him to research weapons that will be used to create havoc in the world!

The Game..
In Midnight Resistance you take part as “commando” type character. At the beginning you start off with just your basic rifle with which you have to shoot enemy troops, gun placements and tanks! As the levels progress you will encounter heavier guns, Jetpack men (which can be hard to shoot and avoid), missile launchers, spinning blades and more.

During the levels you will encounter troops that are coloured orange, once killed, these will them drop a “key” that you must collect. It is important that you collect these keys as they are used to “buy” or “unlock” weapons at the end of each level. Once a level is completed you will be taken to the weapons room. In the weapons room you will have a selection or weapons and power-ups, these include: Shotguns, 3-ways, Extra Life, Nitro, Shower, Flamethrower, Homing Missiles and more. To select the weapon you want, simply “Jump” at it and proving you have the right amount of keys (quantity required is shown at the bottom of each “cabinet”) then you can “buy” that weapon. You can have two types of weapon, your primary weapon and a “special” weapon which is activated by using the spacebar (Nitro, Missiles and Shower are special weapons).

Typically at the end of each game you will encounter a “boss”. Obviously as the levels progress - the harder the boss gets! It's best to make sure that you have one of the special weapons saved to use against the boss.

Midnight Resistance was one of the first games I got with my Commodore 64. It was part of the package called “Night Moves”. The music is fantastic, the graphics are nice, colourful and clean, the game play also is extremely good! The one thing I would say is the game appears to be a little short, but saying that, the later levels are very hard and will require a few attempts.