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Little Puff In Dragon Land Review
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 Name: [ Little Puff In Dragon Land ] Author: [ Consult ] Date: [ 1989 ]
 Publisher: [ Codemasters ] No. Of Disks: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 65% ]

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Poor little puff the dragon has got himself lost in Dragon Land, young and on the search for food, he seeks on his bold quest, the way back to his homeland!

The Game..
Little puff in Dragonland is made in the same style to that of the Dizzy games. For those of you who have not played dizzy, basically to put it simply, is a side-scrolling adventure game in-which you have to collect various objects to solve puzzles. As you play the game you will notice bits of food scattered around the place, collect this to gain points. There are also various objects you can collect which will help you in your mission. For example, you start off without a flame (a dragon without a flame huh?) so first of all you must "find" a bottle of magic stuff (?) which gives you your flame.

The one thing about this game is it can be abit frustrating to say the least! For a start, you only get one life!! Another point to make is that I found myself not knowing what to do or where to go half the time. The starting "level" has two holes in the ground which you think to yourself "are they traps or are they tunnels to go down" so I went down them and it lead me to a new "level". On this new level, I go down a hole to find that I have landed on spikes and have to start again! So the game does take alot of trial and error

The graphics are abit "chunky" for me, very aimed at kids! The music is ok, and goes with the game. The animation of the sprites isnt brilliant, some of the animation seems to "skip" frames. All in all, this one was definitely not for me!