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IK+ Review
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 Name: [ International Karate ] Author: [ Archer Maclean ] Date: [ 1988 ]
 Publisher: [ System 3 ] No. Of Disks: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 70% ]

International Karate or IK+ as it is more commonly refered to is basically all about three guys that battle it out in various locations. You may have heard of the makers before, Archer Maclean are well know for their Pool/Snooker games.

The Game..
The graphics in this game are nice, the background graphics in the arena you play in has some very nice touches. You will see little fishes jumping from the water, birds flying past and little worms going across the screen. The player graphics are suited to the game and the sounds fixed to the various moves you do go very well.

Now lets get down the the actual game. When you enter the arena, there are two other guys waiting to fight it out with you and each other. To get past the level you must finish first or second. If you finish last then (surprise) it's game over and you will need to start from level one again. To win the level you must fill up a set of lights at the top of the screen. Each time you kick an opponents arse, a light will light-up, sometimes even two depending on the move you executed. Also every hit you manage, your score will of course go up.

During the game you will enter various bonus stages to tally up your score. One bonus stage requires you to deflect away incoming balls using a metal pad. Each ball you deflect means more points and the more points you build, the faster the balls come. Another bonus stage requires you to kick live bombs off of the screen, you can do this by pressing Down and Fire.

I found this game ok but it does get very boring after a while because I found the main way to win is just by moving into a crowd of players and by constantly pressing fire and moving the D-Pad around. It has some funny features put into it aswell, for example you can pull opponents trousers down.