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Gone Fishin' Review
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 Name: [ Gone Fishin' ] Author: [ Interstel ] Date: [ ???? ]
 Publisher: [ Unknown ] No. Of Disks: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 72% ]

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Get yourself ready, pack your bags, its time to go fishing! The bigger the fish you catch the more money you get and the more better equipment you can buy!

The Game..
So, you've got some money, now its time to buy some equipment, select a lake and then go fishing. The equipment you can buy ranges from different kinds of spinners, baits, boats, fish indicators and more. There are all kinds of different spinners you can buy, each with their different purposes. Now you have bought your tackle, its time to select one of the many lakes you wish to fish on. Once you have done this you go out on your little boat, find a good place to fish, drop your anchor and then fish away. Now, this takes alot of time, I was fishing for a good hour and had one bite, which I missed. To catch the fish you must strike at the right time, or it gets away. If you're not having much luck catching fish, then try moving around the lake and find a better spot.

The more fish you catch, the more money you gain which helps you in catching those little sh**ts! The fish you catch get put into a little bucket of water located on your boat. You can view this at anytime to see how your fish collection is going.

You could say this is quite an original game, after all, I dont think a whole lot of fishing games exist. The graphics are ok, nothing amazing. There's not alot of sound in the game, the pleasant sounds of birds singing does not exist when you are sitting there waiting for a bite. The game can be a little tedious and boring sometimes too, especially when you have been waiting for hours on end for one fish. Although this is somewhat frustrating at times, I guess it's true to life as you can wait for hours on end when fishing. All in all, an alternative game and worth a crack.