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Fantasy World Dizzy Review
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 Name: [ Fantasy World Dizzy ] Author: [ Codemasters ] Date: [ ???? ]
 Publisher: [ Codemasters ] No. Of Disks: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 86% ]

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Daisy has been caputured by the Evil Kings Trolls and Dizzy has been locked at the bottom of a dungeon, it's Dizzy's mission to escape the dungeon and rescue his girlfriend Diasy.

The Game..
So you quest begins at the bottom of the dungeon and your task is to escape and rescue the love of your life Daisy! In order to escape the dungeon you must collect objects which will help you in defeating the various horrors of the dungeon. You will come across crocidles, dragons, beasts, hawks and many other things that will try and turn you in to poached egg! Travelling throughout the dungeon and it's surroundings, you will find your family and friends, who too have been captured.

In Fantasy world dizzy you can hold two objects at once, some of the things you pickup in the game are completely pointless like a bottle of whiskey, which, when you drink sends you walking backwards! Each problem encountered in the game normally requires you to find an object to "solve" the problem, as the case is in most dizzy games.

Probably one of the only dizzy's I never completed. Rumoured to be the hardest dizzy, it presents that bit more of a challenge. The music is catchy and the presentation is good, precise timing is required in some parts of the game which can get a little frustrating at times. Saying that, it's still a great dizzy game!