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Dynablaster Review
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 Name: [ Dynablaster ] Author: [ Hudson Software ] Date: [ 1990 ]
 Publisher: [ Hudson Software ] No. Of Disks: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 85% ]

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Well, its another bomberman clone, this one straight from Hudson Soft. Poor little mr Dynablasters girlfriend (?) has been captured by an evil force and he must blow his way through various badies and boss's in order to rescue her.

The Game..
Ok, so basically you start off in a maze filled with walls and lots of nasty creatures trying to kill you. The aim of the game is to blow up the badies by planting bombs in the right place and timing them so they kill them. In order to move through the maze, you will need to blow up the odd wall which can uncover one of many different power-ups. The different power-ups you get include: More bombs for you to plant, speed-up to make you walk faster, power which increases the damage radius of the bombs and various other goodies. Once you have blown up all the badies, your task is to find the "portal" which will transport you to the next world, to achieve this you blow up the walls as the teleports are hidden behind them.

As you progress through the levels, they obviously get alot harder. You will encounter new more difficult enemies that you must destroy. For example, some are alot faster and others have the power to "fly" through the walls. As you progress to the end of each "stage" you will encounter a boss, each with their own characteristics.

Probably one of my most favourite bomberman games. The graphics are very colourful and the music and sounds are spot on. The game is also very fun to play in multiplayer. It's simply addictive and definitely worth gettting.