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Drip Review
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 Name: [ Drip ] Author: [ The Three Amigos ] Date: [ ???? ]
 Publisher: [ N/A ] No. Of Disks: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 68% ]

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Your mission is Drip is to try and drown your opponent. This is achieved by filling up your bucket with water which is raining down from the roof. The player who works the fastest is obviously the player who stays dry.

The Game..
First things first, lets start with the graphics. The graphics in this game are very basic; the screen is split into two parts, the first half being your part and the second part being the opponents. As mentioned above you have to collect water using your bucket which is dripping down from the ceiling. You achieve this by holding your bucket just under the falling drop of water. To speed things up you can jump and collect the drop that way. Once the bucket is full, you must then move quickly over to a gap in the wall between you and your opponent and press fire - this will release the contents of your bucket into your opponents half and therefore make the pool your opponent is standing in deeper. If the water level reaches your opponents face - you win the game. Your opponent can be either a human or computer player.

While you are playing the game you will also be able to collect powerups, trouble is though, these flash down the screen very quickly and are almost impossible to reach. Some of the powerup's will help you, some will mess you up. One particular powerup will add more water to your opponents half but then there are others that will add more water to your half.

I actually found this game quite hard at first, the damn computer player got me every time. The graphics are simple but the game is very addictive - this will give you and your friend endless fun in two player mode. I also liked the music, it's very catchy and fits the 'theme' of the game. Unfortunately the version I've reviewed and that is downloadable on the World of Classics is the shareware version and only includes one level, although saying that, it will still keep you going for a very long time.