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Dizzy Review
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 Name: [ Dizzy ] Author: [ Oliver Twins ] Date: [ 1988 ]
 Publisher: [ Codemasters ] No. Of Players: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 70% ]

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The story begins in a little village where Dizzy and his folk live. The evil wizard Zak has put a curse on this peaceful village - It wont stop raining! So Dizzy makes it his duty to seek out this evil wizard Zak and take out some revenge on him.

This is the very first Dizzy game, a game that would spark a whole series of successful titles. It was an instant hit!

The Game..
You take part as an egg with arms and legs and start off near your village, armed with, well not much at all really. Your job is to collect various items which will solve various “puzzles” in the game. As you start off, you will be presented with a cauldron. It is this cauldron you will use to mix various ingredients that you will find a long the way to ensure Zaks destruction.

During the game you will come across a whole host of monsters. These include birds, bats and spiders that you will have to avoid. You can only collect one item at a time so you will be walking around a lot and coming across these fiends more than often. You will also find bridges that collapse and various moving ledges which require spot on timing when jumping.

You start the game with three lives, however, you will find various eggs that you can collect which will give you more lives. You will need these as there are many monsters around in places that require spot on timing to avoid them. Obviously failure to get past them means you're scrambled.

Remember that Zak has put a curse on the village and that it is raining here and there so you will require some kind of coat. We all know that eggs don't like water (?).

Dizzy was one of the first ever games I got when I was a kid. I remember saving my pocket money, going into W.H Smiths and picking up a copy. When I got it home, I was hooked, I loved the puzzle aspect of the game and the cute graphics and the story line really captures the imagination.

The graphics are simplistic and there is no music, just the odd sound effect like “boing”, “puff” etc. I personally think the lack of music doesn't really affect the game.

There are some negative aspects to Dizzy. For example: The monsters are just too hard to get by sometimes. They move completely randomly, so trying to get past them requires a bit of guess work. There was one time I spent all my lives trying to get past one bird. The other negative point is that you can only hold one item at a time, as where in the other Dizzy games you could hold around three items. This requires more and more moving about back and forth and facing these monsters more times that you should have to.