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Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Review
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 Name: [ Crystal Kingdom Dizzy ] Author: [ Andy Severn ] Date: [ 1992 ]
 Publisher: [ Codemasters ] No. Of Disks: [ 2 ] Rating: [ 70% ]

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Dizzy is back in Crystal Kingdom Dizzy. The very last Dizzy game released in the series.

In this adventure, the treasure of the Yolkfolk Village has been stolen. When the Crystal Sword, Chalice and crown have been removed from the Yolkfolk Temple, strange things start to happen in the village. So, it is your task to travel through various lands, solving puzzles and to look for the treasure.

The Game..
Starting your quest off in the Yolkfolk village, you must first attend to the needs of your family who seem to have various issues. Grand Dizzy is asleep and nothing seems to wake him up, he's also lost his glasses, so he can't tell if you are Dora or Dizzy. The first stage in your mission is to go and sort out the village's power generator!

Once again we have the traditional dizzy lay out. Collect various items to solve various puzzles whilst avoiding the bad guys, such as bats, seagulls, and large sewer rats. You have three lives, bumping into a bad guy will instantly take one of these lives as you have no energy bar. A lot of the time you will have to run back and forth somewhat to collect items in one place to deliver them to the next place.

Codemaster's have been quite cheeky when making this game. They have included sneaky adverts for their other games. On your adventures you will come across characters recommending other games by Codemasters, like Micromachines. You will even come across CJ from the CJ Elephant Adventures. Nice, cheeky touch.

As you progress through your adventure in finding the treasure, you will come across various stages. As mentioned above, you start off in the village, then your progress to Blackbeards pirate ship, a Desert Island, and then on to the Ice Palace. Each level naturally getting more difficult as you go on.

Crystal Kingdom is very entertaining and somewhat addictive. The graphics are typical of Dizzy games, nice and colourful with a bubbly sound track. There is a few puzzles in the game which, when you find out how they are solved, wonder to yourself “I would have never thought of that”. There was something else I noticed too - A “glitch” on the pirate ship which enables you to jump along somewhere you aren't meant to. I thought it was part of the game originally, until I fell into water I wasn't meant to, sank down to the bottom of the screen, to find the game crash. All in All, this game completes the Dizzy Collection and preserves the traditional fun value.