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Cannon Fodder Review
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 Name: [ Cannon Fodder 2] Author: [ Sensible Software ] Date: [ 1994 ]
 Publisher: [ Virgin ] No. Of Disks: [ 3 ] Rating: [ 70% ]

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So here it is, the sequel to the infamous Cannon Fodder. No more jungle warfare In this one, nope, you are out in the middle east. These guys mean business, not only that, there are a few surprises in store for your men.

The Game..
Once again you and your men must set out in the desert and other places to battle the enemy. Cannon Fodder 2 is similar in many respects to Cannon Fodder in the way it plays. There are some slight differences such as the sound of the machine gun has been altered.

For those of you that don't know what Cannon Fodder is, or have never played it. You basically have a group of men and must complete various missions by guiding them around with the mouse and taking out the enemy. A typical mission might be to destroy all enemies on the map and their buildings. You will be able to pick up things like grenades and rockets yourself to help you out.

The first thing you will notice with Cannon Fodder 2 is that the earlier levels are based in the desert. You will come across various enemy troops that seem pretty pi**ed off, they will charge at you with machine guns, rockets, grenades and more. This is one difference between the first Cannon Fodder and this one. The enemy troops in the first one for the best part of the beginning of the game only had lousy machine guns. In this version they get grenades and rocket launchers pretty early in the game. You will also come across the usual traps situated around the maps.

Now this is the really bizarre twist that was added by Sensible Software. The game starts off as mentioned about, in the desert fighting troops and then in the weirdest of twists, aliens appear from nowhere. You will then find yourself on an alien space ship fighting aliens with machine guns. Why, if they had the technology to fly to earth would they have machine guns? Also, Why aliens? It doesn't make sense and kind of makes the game go off the rails somewhat.

Now other thing I must mention about this game is that it is HARD, and when I mean hard, sometimes it takes twenty attempts to complete a level, and that somewhat involves luck most of the time. Even at semi-early levels you will start to struggle. Sometimes an enemy will be sitting in-front of a much needed crate of grenades which you need to complete the level. If you miss-fire and hit the crate, well you can't complete the level so you have to start again. Some of the level design isn't that great to be honest.

I liked the early levels of this game, although hard, they kind of felt like the original Cannon Fodder. The alien levels were just... stupid and the game was just too hard. Worth a shot if you liked the first one, but this should have really been released as an expansion to the first game, not a whole new game.