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Cannon Fodder Review
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 Name: [ Cannon Fodder ] Author: [ Sensible Software ] Date: [ 1993 ]
 Publisher: [ Virgin ] No. Of Disks: [ 3 ] Rating: [ 89% ]

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War has never been so much fun! Well, that's the overall message Cannon Fodder tries to send out! You've got your troops, your ammo and now it's time to take on the bad guys in all different types of terrain!

The Game..
Cannon Fodder contains many many different missions. Using a set of troops assigned to you, you must command and move them around the screen using the mouse. Your job is to wipe out the enemy and complete your mission with as many men intact as possible! You can split your troops into different groups or you can be brave and go it alone with one soldier. Your default weapon is a machine gun which you use the right mouse button to fire. In the game you will also pick up various other weapons like grenades and rocket launchers which you fire by pressing both mouse buttons down.

So what are your men up against? Well, many things really. For a start you have enemy soldiers who are armed with just as much fire power as you, and these little troopers hide away in the trees camouflaged and waiting to pounce! Other than that, you've got the odd patch of quick sand, trip bombs that take out half if not all your men, rivers to slow you down and more! There are also a few types of terrain's you must encounter, these include winter and jungle warfare. To help you out, you will acquire some transport later on in the game. These come in the form of jeeps, helicopters, tanks and "Skidooz's" which are similar to jeeps except work on snow! The bad news is that the enemy troops have these too, which makes it all the more fun!

Each and every one of your troopers have names, and each time one of them survives a mission, they get promoted! If you have a troop who has survived many many missions, he will make it to a top-rank officer. So basically, you can watch "Jops" (as one of them is named) go from a little "rookie" to a top-rank general! Watch him with pride as you guide him through the missions and see him get promoted more and more. One thing though, make sure you look after him because you can take him so far and then he gets shot by some sniper hiding in a tree - always disappointing!

Well, one thing's for sure, this game is truly addictive! It will keep you going for hours and hours trying to get past those missions which there are no shortage of. The music is very good! The title screen music is actually a song with vocals and music during the game is generally very catchy and very good too! As mentioned above, the main control in the game is the mouse! Sometimes your men appear to get "stuck" against some of the terrain and split up but this isn't really a problem. The graphics are standard, nothing special but they fit the theme of the game. As the game progresses, naturally it gets harder and some of the missions you will have to keep on and on at which makes it a challenge! The game is also fun, driving those little jeeps while trying to avoid grenades being chucked at at you is pretty cool, along with doing some crazy stunts! Excellent game and one for the collection!