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Air Taxi Review
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 Name: [ Air Taxi ] Author: [ David May ] Date: [ 1994 ]
 Publisher: [ David May ] No. Of Disks: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 88% ]

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Air Taxi is based on the concept of Space Taxi which was made in 1984 and released on the almighty Commodore 64. The concept of the game is t o get your passenger from A to B in good time, while trying to avoid that slightly unfortunate event of crashing, and therefore killing them.

Air Taxi, originally Shareware, has now been released in its full version by Dave May over at airtaxigame.com.

The Game..
So let’s get into the game: Firstly Air Taxi supports up to 5 players, as mentioned above, the objective of the game is to get the passengers/customers to their desired location. You will start off on one of the many platforms, and wait for a customer to appear. “Hey taxi” you hear, and a person will appear at their pick up point waving their arm in the air. The destinations are numbered in sequence, and once you have picked up the customer, they will indicate a destination, “Number 3 please”. You just need to make sure that you pickup/drop off the customer in good time, more importantly in one piece. This is achieved by operating your thrusters correctly in order to land at the destination with as little of a bump as possible. This is helped by the fact that you can deploy landing gear (phew!).

So the above sounds easy? Huh? Maybe so for the first part, then things start to get a little rough around the edges. Firstly from the get go, you have to keep an eye on your fuel; it burns off quickly, especially if you are heavy on the gas. Luckily, there are fuelling areas located at different destinations, providing you have enough cash. On the subject of cash and the fares – You generate cash by getting your customer to the destination, and will earn more cash the quicker you get them there. Killing them will result in a fine, which could even put you into minus profit.

As the levels progress, things typically get more difficult. What was once a walk in the park now gets tricky with the addition of gravity fields, wind, things that fly into you and awkward corners to navigate around.

Air Taxi is a very good adaptation of the original Commodore 64 version of Space Taxi. The graphics are colourful, the animation smooth, and the flying physics of the taxi feel right. This game is addictive, and yet very challenging in the later levels – You will definitely find yourself coming back to it for more. Unfortunately I did not participate in the multiplayer aspect of it (because I have no friends!), so I can’t comment on that, but I bet it’s even more fun!